Sharon E. McKenzie

Assistant Professor/Research Scientist, Therapeutic Recreation and Gerontology, Kean University, Department of Physical Education, Recreation and Health, Gerontology Certificate Program



  • PhD, University of Minnesota; Major: Education – Recreation, Park and Leisure Studies; Concentration: Therapeutic Recreation; Minors: Gerontology; Complimentary Therapies & Healing Practices
  • MA, Recreation and Leisure, Concentration: Therapeutic Recreation; New York University
  • MS, Clinical Investigations: Translational Medicine, NYU School of Medicine
  • BS, Recreation Professions, Concentration: Therapeutic Recreation; Montclair State University
  • BFA, Dance and Choreography, York University, Canada


  • NAACP (NY Chapter) Doctors/Researchers Contributing to Community Award
  • U of Minnesota Sesquicentennial Appreciation
  • National Institute of Aging (NIA) Technical Assistance Training
  • Association for Gerontology in Higher Education Doctoral Leadership Development Fellow (Class 2000)
  • American Society on Aging New Venture Leadership Partner (Class 2000)
  • Minnesota Recreation and Parks Foundation Scholarship Award
  • Montclair State University of PERLS Graduate Student Award


  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Gerontology


  • Over 20 years in therapeutic recreation
  • Over 15 years in Gerontology


  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Gerontology


  • Scholarship focuses on leisure and mental health issues for ethnically diverse older adults specifically examining the use of therapeutic activities and other psychosocial interventions to ameliorate memory impairments.
  • Current research is centered on exploring the value of activities-based psychosocial interventions for older adults, from American-born and immigrant minority groups with mild cognitive impairments showing symptoms of depression, using Caribbean Americans and African Americans as examples.
  • Other interests include:
    • the role of care giving in minority communities
    • the role of sleep in depression and cognitive health
    • the role of spirituality and mental health in later years of life
  • Interest also includes facilitating the education about dementia and Alzheimer’s disease and promoting positive lifestyles for all older adults


Complete list of publications


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