Welcome to the International Institute for Reminiscence and Life Review (IIRLR)

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Formerly the International Society for Reminiscence and Life Review, the IIRLR brings together participants to further define reminiscence and life review as an interdisciplinary field of study in the areas of practice, research, education, volunteer and individual application.


To further define and develop the interdisciplinary field of reminiscence and life review through discussion and collaboration in practice, research, education, volunteer and individual applications across the lifespan.


  • Promote increased awareness, knowledge, and skill development in direct practice of reminiscence and life review.
  • Further reminiscence and life review research activity, providing a venue for discussion of results as well as guidance for future research.
  • Establish a working definition of reminiscence and life review.
  • Further integrate research and practice.
  • Educate others about reminiscence and life review practice, research, and ways to integrate the material in formal education, staff training, and volunteer organizations.

Shared Life Stories are Heaven

The above link is to a short inspirational video written by John Kunz from a dream he had.

John Kunz memorial card

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